FIDO enables identity verification with only multi-biometric authentication without a password.

As many organisations start implementing and adopting technology to enable digital transformation, the number of websites and services that require personal information have increased exponentially. However, security in regard to personal information is far from sufficient. Most users still prefer using the same ID and password in traditional ID and password input systems. Once this personal information is leaked, it can be used as a master key login to access multiple websites and services. To prevent this miserable chain reaction, some websites insist user passwords contain at least one upper and lowercase letter, one special character, one number, etc. Implementing this tactic certainly improves security, but does nothing to alleviate user inconvenience, requiring users to remember and manage complex password combinations

Password leak

Password leakage incidents are a regular occurrence across many industries. Leakage of personal information can be obtained by hackers with ease, resulting in irreparable damage to individuals and service providers.

Password reuse

Users are using the same password for multiple online accounts. It means that users are always vulnerable to account theft and further incidents.

Reset password

To create a secure password, users adopt difficult passwords which can be easily forgotten. The users' repetitive and unproductive approach to password creation often results in significant opportunity costs.


More secure service can be expected since biometric information is stored in the internal space.


The FIDO technology provided by SSenStone is free from the risk of external leakage because it stores user’s biometric information such as fingerprints, faces, and voices in his or her personal mobile device rather than a server. Biometric information is stored in the hardware independently allocated to each user’s mobile device such as TrustZone, USIM chip, IC chip, HSM chip, etc. Since only the authenticated data is transmitted to an external server, users remain at a much-increased level of cyber security.


FIDO enhances the security and convenience of user authentication through digital signatures using biometrics and simple authentication.

Convenient authentication features
Numerous authentication methods
Massive authentication field

SSenStone provides users convenience, accessibility, and stability with strong security based on its own FIDO-certified solution.


FIDO1.0 Universal Authentication Framework(UAF)

  • - SSenStone FIDO Server v1.0
  • - SSenStone FIDO Client for iOS(Authentication Combo)
  • - SSenStone FIDO Client for Android
  • - SSenStone FIDO Authentication for Android


  • - SSenStone FIDO2 Server
  • - SSenStone FIDO2 Authentication

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