OTAC technology beyond the limitations of existing authentication methods is to be used in various industries.


Existing Authentication Methos

  • User authentication is impossible With OTP only

  • Vulnerable to leakage/exposure by Static value

  • Communication required between User and server(Pull & Push)


  • No need to communicate with Server

  • Real-Time changes every time for Secure authentication

  • Non-reusable One-Time Authentication

  • No duplication or overlap


It is not a One-Time Password (OTP).

It is possible to identify and authenticate users or devices at the same time with only OTAC.

*The OTP authenticates the user and the server by matching the key generated by the same algorithm with the same serial number, time, and value.

OTP requires the first identification process for user such as ID and password.


SSenStone's OTAC can identify who a user is only by passing a dynamic random code generated from the terminal.


It is not a tokenisation

OTAC provides lighter and more secure user-to-device identification and authentication without cellular networks connections.

*The tokenisation is a method of secure authentication or transaction by obtaining access rights by comparing the authentication key generated by the token service provider (TSP) at a specific point in time.

The tokenisation works only in service areas by communication networks and in the controlled environment by the central server.


OTAC doesn't require cellular networks to generate a dynamic authentication code. In addition, anyone can provide one-way token service or know-your-customer (KYC) service at a specific point in time.


OTAC, a new paradigm for user-to-device identification and authentication

SSenStone's OTAC technology, world's first one-way dynamic authentication technology, provides secure authentication of all digital IDs even in off-the-networks. By implementing a new authentication method that has never been seen before, SSenStone presents a new standard of authentication in cybersecurity that goes beyond the limitations of existing authentication methods.

What we offer

SSenStone’s OTAC technology combines advantages of the three most common authentication systems – user ID/passwords, RSA hardware/software for generating authentication codes, and tokenisation. It provides more efficient and more effective solutions than any of those elements individually. It generates a single dynamic code that both identifies and authenticates the user at the same time and can do so without a network connection. It is a single-use, time-based, and unique code, so it can’t be reused or used by someone else.

  • Strong security - Passwordless Multi-factor Authentication. No identity theft and CNP (Card-not-present) frauds by completely eliminating the attack surface.
  • Unlimited scalability & flexibility - The lightness of OTAC enables applications in multiple industries and not limited to devices
  • Seamless Integration - Use of API/SDK to bring simple and frictionless integration for IT admins.
  • Unbelievable cost saving - No need to build heavy token infrastructure. Save costs associated with network traffic, maintenance, and fraud compensation.

How it works

To access a system using OTAC, authorised users can use their mobile device and – for an extra layer of security – something like an employee ID or bank card enabled with SSenStone’s technology. By launching the SSenStone app, or the client’s own app integrated with SSenStone technology, and then touching the ID or bank card to the mobile device, users can generate a one-time alphanumeric or QR code. In effect, the user’s device acts like a token server, generating a one-time code for access without the need to connect to a network. Identification and authorisation are then both enabled when users type or scan their code into the system they want to access.


The University of Surrey, one of the leading global cyber security companies in the UK, conducted OTAC algorithm analysis and academic verification of SSenStone. For the full text of the thesis, please visit the University of Surrey website and download the report.

OTAC technology ensures the strongest and most secure identification and authentication environment in the financial services industry, where strong authentication technology is required, as well as in all businesses and daily lives undergoing digital transformation.

  • Payment

  • Connected Car

  • IoT

  • Drone

  • M2M

  • Enterprise

  • IAM

  • Military

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